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Six String Supplies — Les Paul Harness (Coil Split)

Les Paul Harness (Coil Split)


Looking to give an extra dimension to your Les Paul?

This prewired Les Paul kit makes use of 2 premium CTS push pull pots which allow you to coil split each humbucker. Coil splitting effectively activates one coil giving you the brighter single coil tone.


Both push pulls down - normal Les Paul
Neck volume up - splits neck humbucker
Bridge volume up - splits bridge humbucker

Prewired harness includes:

- 2 x CTS 500k long shaft push pull pots (audio)
- 2 x CTS 500k long shaft pots (audio)
- Traditional tinned copper ground wire (insulated)
- 2 x 0.022uF PIO (Paper in Oil) capacitors

Each pot comes with 2 hex nuts for easy shaft height adjustment.

Will This Fit My Guitar?

This prewired Les Paul kit will fit genuine Gibson USA Les Pauls without modification. It can be made to fit any Les Paul copy that takes long shaft pots but you may be required to drill the tone/volume switch holes to M10 if fitting into an imported model.

Note - this prewired harness will only work with 4 lead wire humbuckers


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