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Six String Supplies — Telecaster - Volume Bypass

Telecaster - Volume Bypass

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Prewired Telecaster harness using a push pull pot as a volume bypass.

With the push pull pot in the down position - your Telecaster pays the way we all know and love.

In the up position, the push pull pot acts as a volume bypass - with the pickup's signal going straight to the jack, offering added punch and clarity to your pickup and showcasing how it would sound without any components or resistance interrupting the signal.

- CTS 250k audio push pull pot
- CTS 250k solid shaft pot
- 0.022uF Sprague PIO (paper in oil) capacitor
- CRL 3 way spring action switch
- Vintage style cloth wire
- Traditional tinned copper ground wire
- Switchcraft 1/4'' jack socket

This guitar wiring harness is easy to install and simply requires soldering your pickups of choice to the switch.

Easy to read wiring diagram is supplied. You simply need to attach your pickups and connect the ground to the bridge.

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